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Over the Barrel

The Brewing History and Beer Culture
of Cincinnati, 1800 to the Present


Volume One: 1800 - Prohibition
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Volume Two: Prohibition to the Present
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by Timothy J. Holian

Winner: American Breweriana Association
Excellence in Literature Award, 2002

Over the Barrel: The Brewing History and Beer Culture of Cincinnati is the most complete look at the role of beer consumption and manufacture in one of America's foremost malt beverage centers.

Volume One (1800-1919) takes the reader on a virtual tour of Cincinnati's legendary saloon trade and extensive brewery operations, tracing the evolution of a beer culture and brewing empire from humble roots along the Ohio River through years of unparalleled prosperity and dominance, to an untimely demise with the onset of national prohibition legislation. 356 pages plus extensive index, frontis matter.

Volume Two (1920-2001) covers the return of legal beer and the development of popular Cincinnati brewing enterprises, their ultimate demise in the face of intense competition from national brewers, and local craft beer manufacture through newly established microbreweries and brewpubs. Tracing the rise and fall of Cincinnati's best-known beer producers, the book provides detailed answers to a question frequently posed by hometown-proud Cincinnatians over the last half-century: "Where have all our breweries gone?" 392 pages plus extensive index, frontis matter.

Each volume of Over the Barrel features over 300 illustrations, including EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO THE HUDEPOHL-SCHOENLING BREWING COMPANY CORPORATE ARCHIVES. Ultra high quality reproduction of RARE photos, documents, advertisements, and breweriana, in color and black-and-white.

Critical Praise for Over the Barrel:

"Thoroughly researched and extensively illustrated, Over the Barrel is without a doubt the definitive information source on Cincinnati beer and brewing. Tim Holian's knowledge of the subject matter is unparalleled. Anyone who has lived in Cincinnati or enjoyed its tasty hometown brews will find this book hard to put down. Wonderful!" (Paul Abrams, Communications Director, Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Company)

"Over the Barrel is destined to become one of the landmark works on the history of American brewing. Tim Holian's thorough and insightful study of Cincinnati's rich beer culture will bring joy to historians and beer enthusiasts everywhere." (Carl Miller, author, Breweries of Cleveland, Winner, American Breweriana Association Excellence in Literature Award, 1998)

"Over the Barrel is an extremely well researched work that very comprehensively presents Cincinnati's contributions to commercial brewing. Packed with tons of information and charming vintage illustrations, it is a must-have for any history enthusiast." (H. James Maxwell, author, Hometown Beer: A History of Kansas City's Breweries, Winner, American Breweriana Association Excellence in Literature Award, 2000)

"For anyone who has ever lived or enjoyed a good beer within 100 miles of Cincinnati, this is the book we always wanted to have written. Timothy Holian presents an extraordinarily well researched book that is as much fun to simply read as to use as a reference. ... I've read dozens of books about beer and brewing in recent years, but Over the Barrel is undoubtedly one of the best researched and most illuminating looks at the subject I've ever seen. I can't wait for the second volume." (Ed Westemeier, The Bloatarian Match: The Official Newsletter of the Bloatarian Brewing League [December 2000]: 3.)

"Over the Barrel is a rare treat, a perfect combination of history and brewing bottled together into a solidly researched, easy- and fun-to-read book that appeals to history buffs, German-American scholars and beer lovers alike. The author’s skillful narrative coupled with the hundreds of illustrations, charts and notes will simultaneously entertain and educate the average reader even as it satisfies historians, sociologists and zymurgists. ... Holian brings history to life, with illustrations, pictures, advertisements and newspaper accounts, and with a warmth and sense of humor that make the book truly enjoyable for a wide audience. Prosit!" (Paula Weber, author, The Brewer's Star, and professional brewer)

"Over the Barrel is a beautifully crafted, fabulously illustrated, large magazine style volume that figures out all the people and places where the spirit of Gambrinus inbued this German city on the 'Rhine.' ... Certainly the best and final depiction of this industry in Cincinnati." (LaVern Rippley, Society for German-American Studies Newsletter 22:4 [2001]: 30)

"As with Volume One, (in Over the Barrel Volume Two) sound scholarship mixes with fond recollections for those who remember when brands like Burger and Hudepohl ruled." (Rob Stout, Cincinnati Enquirer, December 4, 2001)

"This is the capstone to what has to be the most exhaustive study ever published on the brewing history of an American city. There have been two previous [works] on Cincinnati brewing history; of the three, this (not surprisingly) is by leaps and bounds the best and most readable." (Fil Graff, The Breweriana Collector 116 [Winter 2001-2002]: 27)

"Where to begin? The author's earlier book on brewing in Cincinnati before Prohibition [Volume One] was outstanding reading, comprehensive and fully documented. Now, with Volume Two, the epic is complete and masterfully chronicled in words and photographs. ... Tim Holian is a writer who does a superb job of both entertaining and educating. His Over the Barrel is a major achievement and will bring hours -- make that years -- of pleasure to anyone who loves beer and its history." (American Breweriana Journal 116 [March-April 2002]: 7-8)

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